Ascendant 2.0 is a proprietary DLA Piper tool aimed at accelerating transactional projects by streamlining the bid process. The tool is an online platform offering new bid management functionality as well as integration with existing DLA Piper tools, such as the Contract Dashboard and Status Snapshot. It provides centralised management and visibility of progress throughout the bid phases of a project, as well as enabling us to collect invaluable market intelligence of trends across projects.

The key feature of Ascendant 2.0 is the Key Business Terms tool, which requires bidders to complete a response to the key business terms of a deal online. At a high level, it is quickly possible to track the percentage of issues which are open, closed or if a bidder is still in the process of submitting their answers. It is also possible to go down a level of detail and view a side-by-side colour coded comparison of responses from all active bidders.

The tool has a function to track mark-up of non-agreed terms and additional comments over the course of negotiating key business terms, with a full view of historical comments available. As well as allowing for a visual cross comparison of the various bid responses, this also provides an auditable trail of what was has been agreed with various bidders, should it be needed later down the line.